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Pedro Mobilio de Lima

23 December 2019

Pedro Mobilio de Lima


1 / What has been your career path so far ?

I studied mechanical engineering at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and later spent a year at Polytech Marseille (France) in the field of energy mechanics. After I graduated from university in Rio, I worked at Subsea 7 as an engineer in ship maintenance, installing pipelines for the oil and gas industry. After a few years, I decided to come back to France to resume studies in marine renewable energies and complete a specialized Master degree at ENSTA Bretagne. In March 2019, while still studying, I joined the LDA Group as a last year Master Graduation intern and signed a permanent contract.

2 / What motivated you to join the LDA group ?

I was interested in the Group's maritime activities and its global experiences with ships carrying out a variety of missions. During my internship, I saw a true team spirit within the LDA Group and it strengthened my intention to continue my career at LDA. The management’s approach to innovative projects, and the marine renewable energies missions I have been able to work on, were determining factors in my decision.

3 / What is your job about ?

As an Offshore Project Engineer in the new LDA Engineering Department, I assist in the development and installation of new equipment, the development of specifications and discussions with clients before, during and after the project, while ensuring safety in all of our missions. My main goal is to use my previous experiences to support all projects managed by the Engineering Department.

4 / What do you like most about your job?

There is a possibility to work for different projects at the same time, with different partners, and to learn from each mission. Just as an example, we can work within the same day on the conversion of an old ship and the construction of a new vessel.
I also appreciate being able to go onboard different ships to develop our ongoing projects.
And last but not least, I find it very rewarding to have experienced sailors in the office and technical experts who you can talk to and who can share with us the challenges and special moments they have had onboard.

5/ What are the 3 essential qualities to do your job?

• Resilience, that is the ability to adapt to changes in specifications and difficulties we may encounter at the last minute.
• Safety and respect for the environment, to ensure that our operations are run in the most efficient way with minimum risk to people and the environment.
• In-depth collaboration between the people onboard and the office departments, so that we can find the most effective solutions.

6 / What are you passionate about ?

Sharing personal and professional experiences with people, both in and outside of the office
Cycling, swimming (and triathlon, a new-found hobby)

7 / Sea or land ? France or Brazil ?

The sea, undoubtedly. I love France for its language, culture and history. When I left Brazil, I wanted to be part of a strong company with a wide experience in maritime activities (and marine renewable energies) and I am glad I have found LDA. But…there is no country as incredible as Brazil!

8 / What is your motto?

Greetings and smiles cost nothing, feel free to share them!


Thank you Pedro!