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Code of conduct

Our Code of conduct

Our Code of Conduct sets out our commitments and expectations from our staff members, partners and customers. It sets out the best practices to implement in order to ensure the respect of our values of commitments, reactivity, innovation, know-how.

“We have raised everyone’s awareness to act in accordance with our ‘Code of Conduct”

Foreword by our President, Edouard Louis-Dreyfus

“For more than 170 years, the Louis Dreyfus Armateurs Group has been a worldwide praised actor in maritime activities. This recognition is built on the persistent application of a policy constantly oriented towards listening to and satisfying customers and a proactive approach to Safety, Security and respect for the Environment….”

Our Code of conduct principles:

1/ Always act
and behave in a fair, honest, responsible and trustworthy manner.

2/ Always respect
applicable laws and regulations, as applicable where we conduct our businesses.

3/ Always ask
Should you have any questions related to this Code, and report any concern you would have complying with this Code of Conduct or any regulation.

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Code of Conduct LDA Group