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Cable Ships

Installation, Maintenance and Protection of Submarine cables

Our Group offers its know-how and skills in the installation and repair of optical fiber submarine cables up to 8000m in depth as well as in the installation and protection of submarine cables in shallow waters.

Optical fiber communications is a central issue for the development of emerging economies and remote areas. The importance of the digital economy also requires that effective means are available for repair operations in case of failures.

In this sector, our Group has technical and human resources that make the difference.

LOUIS DREYFUS ARMATEURS, a recognized company in the installation and maintenance of submarine cables

  • Management and development for ASN/NOKIA of 7cable ships belonging to the world’s most efficient fleet of cable ships – 5 cable-laying and 2 maintenance vessels: ILE DE BATZ – ILE DE BREHAT – ILE DE SEIN – ILE D’AIX – ILE D’OUESSANT – ILE DE MOLENE – ILE D’YEU;
  • Management  for Optic Marine Group (OMS) of 1 cable-laying and 4 maintenance capable vessels : ILE DE RE, TENEO, PETER FABER and LODBROG – CABLE VIGILANCE;
  • Highly qualified crews;
  • Strong adaptability formultiple missions around the world including in remote areas;
  • Appropriate technical meansand submarine cable repair services including for specific missions (aircraft black box recovery in particular), up to 8000m deep;

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km of cable laying worldwide by LDA


cable-laying vessels


maintenance vessels