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13 June 2024

Press Release – 13 June 2024

Louis Dreyfus Armateurs (LDA), shipowner of the support vessel Wind of Hope is sad to announce that yesterday, a valued cadet and member of the LDA team was found dead in their cabin. Our thoughts and sympathies are with the cadet’s family and the vessel’s crew.  Louis Dreyfus Armateurs is providing all care and assistance to the …

16 May 2024

Louis Dreyfus Armateurs releases its 2023 sustainability report

  We are excited to announce that the LDA Group has recently released its sustainability report for the year 2023. During this year, we made significant progress towards achieving our sustainability goals, as we recognized the importance of sustainability in the maritime industry and took responsibility in contributing our part towards shaping the future of …

25 April 2024

Low Carbon RoRo line

  Louis Dreyfus Armateurs aims at setting up a low-carbon RoRo line between Europe and US East-Coast by 2027. Our target: a reduction of CO2 emissions by up to 70 % compared to current market – thanks to innovative RoRo ship design including wind and green methanol propulsion. We aim to call 2 to 3 …
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For over 170 years, we have specialized in providing custom industrial maritime solutions with high-added-value activities and integrated services to its clients, ranging from ship design and ship management to maritime operations, in the fields of transport, logistics, submarine cables and renewable energy.

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Our 3,000 shore-based and ship-based personnel located around the world are our wealth and our pride by their training, their careers, their personalities, their visions of the world and their cultural diversities. Our office-based personnel work in diversified businesses ranging from commercial, financial and technical businesses linked to engineering and innovation. At sea, our crews are highly qualified personnel (masters, chief engineers, chief mates ...) who sail on the world’s seas...

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