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Forwarding Activities

Freight Forwarding Activities

We offer our expertise in transport commissioning to meet your needs. We arrange, commission, monitor and settle transports and logistics thanks to our expertise, our reactivity and our dedicated fleet. Share with us your projects and your needs!

Our expertise in transport commissioning relies on our strong know-how in industrial maritime transportation and logistics of heavy lift and oversize cargoes:

Share your logistics needs and we will offer:

  • Our solid experience of industrial projects with main French and international partners;
  • Our ability to meet the specific needs of our customers (AIRBUS particularly) for heavy lift, special cargoes and oversize transportation on board ships and even the most difficult shipments;
  • Our ability to offer maritime logistics services in strict compliance with the standards of quality and safety: transport / various industrial shipments and loading (cars, trailers, trains, yachts, pilotines, satellite, Mirage F1 engines …);
  • The expertise of our highly trained and qualified teams (on-shore and crew members);
  • Our network of partners and experts;
  • Our design tools and planning supervision system.

LDFS reels cable drums

LD Seaplane Commissionnement de transport

Some of our references :

GEFCO: Car-wagons transportation – Montoir, France / Tangier, Morocco.

AKER SOLUTIONS: Cable drums / Reels transportation – Montoir, France / Mobile, USA.

EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCY:  AEOLUS  satellite transport – France / French Guiana

MERRÉ SHIPYARD: Loading and transport of pilot boats – France / Tunisia

BL / OPEL : Car transportation – Pasajes / Hamburg

ALSTOM: Trains – La Rochelle / Tangier / Med

SCANIA: Trucks transport – Montoir / Tunisia / Morocco


Dedicated fleet :

  • Fleet of Ro-Ro ships
  • Fleet of Bulkcarriers
  • Fleet of Deck Cargo ships

LD Freight Solutions