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Innovation is one of our Values

Innovation has always been at the heart of LOUIS DREYFUS ARMATEURS as the real driving force behind its growth. As an innovative shipowner for more than 165 years, we are proud of all the innovations designed and implemented within our Group in various sectors of our shipping activities.

Innovation - published on 26 October 2018

Logistics and Transport – FAZEL (Full Azimuthal Electrical Propulsion) Deck Carriers

Logistics and Transport – The 4th generation of FAZEL (Full Azimuthal Electrical) Deck Carriers “Why don’t we design new generation and state-of-the-art DCS for our transhipment operations?” Innovative Deck Carriers equipped with the FAZEL design system (4 azimuthal electrical thrusters). 100% Power Redundant propulsion system. Double-ended Vessels. Shallow water (about 4,0 m draft for 6,000 …

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Let's talk about innovation

Innovating together

We will be pleased to serve your innovative projects and future success thanks to: Our dedicated innovation teams of women and men located around the world (office-based personnel, crew members, project engineers, commercial services), all experts in our shipping activities; Our values ​​of know-how, innovation, reactivity and commitment supporting our technological innovation; Our other integrated …

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