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Marion Dufresne

Ship management of the TAAF oceanographic research and multipurpose supply vessel

Ship management of the MARION DUFRESNE by Louis Dreyfus Armateurs since May 2017: technical management, crew and maintenance

Louis Dreyfus Armateurs provides the French Southern and Antarctic Lands (TAAF) with our know-how and expertise in the ship management of MARION DUFRESNE, a multipurpose supply vessel and oceanographic research vessel under the French flag.

Our historical know-how in ship management and our skills allow us to carry out our mission:

  • Technical management, crew and maintenance;
  • Highly experienced crew,  trained on several vessels of the Louis Dreyfus Armateurs fleet with a crew Department based at LDA Headquarters in Suresnes;
  • Supply missions four times a year from La Reunion Port of the Southern Bases (Crozet, Kerguelen, Saint-Paul-and-Amsterdam) and periodically the Eparses Islands often in difficult sea conditions;
  • Navigation on nearly 9000 km across the Indian Ocean, a good part between the Roaring 40th and the 50th Howling.


Transportation and various cargoes

  • Transportation of personnel (up to 114 passengers);
  • Food shipments;
  • Transportation of the necessary equipment / tools / materials for the Bases operations ;  
  • Transport of material for construction sites;
  • Transport of equipment from community partners (IPEV, CNES, CEA, Météo France, …);
  •   Fuel transportation.Read more about the MARION DUFRESNE: