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Fulvio Astengo

9 April 2021

Fulvio Astengo

Job testimonial

Fulvio Astengo, Operation & Performance Manager at LDPL Middle East

1/ What has been your career path so far?

I have recently reached 15 years of experience in the maritime and logistics industries, operating in different sectors and playing different roles.
I started with container liner shipping, moved to maritime logistics for mining and commodities, dealing from operations, which is my current area of work, to pure commercial and business development roles. I was involved for some time also on QHSE matters and up to a more general and overall country company representation.
So far I have lived and worked in four different countries: Italy, Spain, Indonesia and the UAE.
I can say that this path helped me have a 360-degree view of the business – at least I do hope so.

2/ Could you tell us more about your current role / your missions?

I started in LDPL a year and a half ago with a new project in Vietnam. I am now focused on current LDPL projects, i.e Hassyan, UAE, and Kamsar, Guinea, where I am in charge of operations and commercial operations management.

3/ What do you like the most in this job?

Well, what I like has both pros and cons. Dynamicity and constant evolutions of these projects make myself always challenged and continuously looking for new and best solutions to meet the clients’ requirements.
This is of course stressful sometimes but I personally find it stimulating and it finally can give appreciated rewards.

4/ Could you name 3 must-have qualities for this job?

Passion. Proactivity. Customer orientation and awareness.

5/ Any anecdote or major fact you would like to share about your job?

I like to recall that in several cases during my career I have been physically present when a project has actually started, meaning when the first ton of cargo was shipped, which is kind a of milestone in our business.
This happened also about a year ago when I was onsite at the transshipment area in Kamsar, Guinea, when LDPL handled the first cargo in GAC project with EGA.

6/ Are you a land or sea person?

Definitely a sea person – I was born, I grew up and spent my entire life in seaside places.

7/ What are your hobbies and interests?

I am a football “fanatic”, I used to play at some decent level and also support my local football team wherever it was playing around the country.
I also play tennis.
In general, beside sports, I like travelling and meeting new people from different countries and cultures.

8/ What is your motto?

I do not really have my own motto and this one probably does not have much to do with work but I would like to quote one which is in French and expresses what my ideals in daily and private life are: “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité”.

Fulvio Astengo LDPL Middle East Job Testimonial