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Low Carbon RoRo line

25 April 2024

Low Carbon RoRo line


Louis Dreyfus Armateurs aims at setting up a low-carbon RoRo line between Europe and US East-Coast by 2027.

Our target: a reduction of CO2 emissions by up to 70 % compared to current market - thanks to innovative RoRo ship design including wind and green methanol propulsion. We aim to call 2 to 3 Ports on each Atlantic side and to offer a regular fortnight service, sailing at 14kn - to best combine sustainability with a reliable and cost-efficient service.

To set up this low carbon RoRo line we call shippers to manifest their cargo interests.


  • Dual fuel engines (MGO + E-Methanol)
  • Wind propulsion (50% at 14kn :
  • Optimized hull design
  • 70% reduction of CO2 emissions compared to current RoRo line Market


  • Ø Rolling cargo, Project & General cargo , High & Heavy, Containers

Service - Calls:

  • Frequency every 15 days
  • Calls: France/Spain < > US East Coast
  • Atlantic sailing time 10 days. Speed 14kn.


  • Sustainability: far reaching decarbonization thanks to innovative and secure technologies
  • Reliability: Focus on schedules and transit time (track record RoRo LDA : 97% on-time performance)
  • Economics Steadiness: freight Stability - limited exposure to bunker volatility.

Download Low-Carbon RoRo line US-EU presentation

Manifest Your Cargo Interest : Online Survey

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