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24 April 2024



An Alliance of three French Companies, Louis Dreyfus Armateurs, VPLP Design and Alwena Shipping, formed in April 2023 with the purpose of developing logistics solutions through methanol fueled and wind assisted/propelled pure container ships having low fuel consumption and low carbon dioxide emissions.

The Alliance, which ambitions are in line with the IMO GHG Strategy to reach net-zero by or around 2050, has developed an innovative concept of containerships with:

  • Dual fuel engines (Methanol but also MDO as option)
  • Wind assisted propulsion
  • Optimized hull design

At the moment and in consideration of existing Wind propulsion technology and its applicability on containerships, WINDTAINER has developed and proposes three versions of this concept:

        1. WindTainer 4000 for containerships between 3,000 TEU and 4,000 TEUS
        2. WindTainer 2500 for containerships between 1,500 TEU and 3,000 TEUS
        3. WindTainer 600 for containerships between 400 TEU and 1,500 TEUS

Main innovation of this concept is the use of wind propulsion and the installation of wings, which is yet to be marketed and developed in the containerships industry.

WINDTAINER studies, based on performance predictions and historical weather data on routing done during two years, have assessed that there is an indicative potential reduction in CO2/TEU emissions up to 93% between WindTainer 2500 using Green Methanol with wings and a conventional similar containership running with HFO. 

WINDTAINER may offer different bespoke services to its clients, which can be either existing shipping lines or shippers/coalitions of shippers, based on prior determination of the best solution required:

  • Ship Design and Ship Construction supervision
  • Ship Management including technical, operations and crew management.
  • Determination with the client of required ship size, trade flow and most favourable routing
  • Simulation of wind assistance performance
  • Simulation and optimization of the best logistic solution according to client specific requirements
  • Optimization of ship performance along the route and evaluation of fuel saving and CO2eqemission reduction
  • Evaluation of potential constraints: port, quay, tide constraints analysis
  • Containers logistics management according to client needs

Download WINDTAINER presentation 

For more informations and in case you would like to hear more about WINDTAINER you can drop an email to and somebody from the WINDTAINER team will contact you for a presentation!