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Welcome aboard! Interview with Julie Wantuch, Human Resources Officer at Louis Dreyfus Armateurs

31 October 2018

Welcome aboard! Interview with Julie Wantuch, Human Resources Officer at Louis Dreyfus Armateurs

Welcome aboard !

The Louis Dreyfus Armateurs Group is evolving. We are organized into three business divisions offering great career opportunities in logistics & transport, dry bulk and marine industrial solutions, on land or at sea.

Our 2,600 shore-based and ship-based personnel located around the world are our wealth and our pride by their training, their careers, their personalities, their visions of the world and their cultural diversities. We are proud to share with you today a series of interviews of our team members.

Let's follow with the interview of Julie Wantuch, Human Resources Officer at Louis Dreyfus Armateurs...

Our  Values. Our People. Our Talents.

Interview with Julie

1/ Can you sum up your career and tell us about your current position?

After more than 6 years of experience in human resources in various industrial sectors mainly in oil & gas, I had the opportunity to integrate Louis Dreyfus Armateurs almost 3 years ago at LDA’ s crew Department as a Training officer.

It allowed me to gain great  knowledge of the maritime sector  and the company’s business and activities while allowing our sailors to train and to evolve in their maritime career on all ships of the fleet.

2 / How did your position evolve in the Group?

Today LDA offers me a real chance for internal evolution and a new challenge in a fascinating business environment and background.
This is extremely rewarding for the rest of my career.
Indeed I joined the Group's HR department in September 2018 as "Human Resources Officer". It is a varied job which implies to work in close collaboration with the Group HR Director on many HR topics, mainly in recruitment, training and career management.

I am also  in charge of the employer brand in connection with our communication Department and relations regarding school  partnerships.

3 / What are your main sources of motivation within the Group?

LDA is a family group in full development in France and abroad, with new coming projects, growing workforce and recruitment of new talents. Also its diversified activities and new strategic organization over the next few years strongly encourage me to become even more involved especially with this position of HR officer.

My main sources of motivation come from my close relation with office-based colleagues and this strategic HR position as well as my ambition to make the employees’ skills grow.

Moreover, representing and highlighting the employer brand is a real challenge for me that I am particularly eager to take up.

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