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“This Is My Job” – Claire-Lise Plet-Pernet

Claire-Lise Plet-Pernet LDA

7 August 2020

“This Is My Job” – Claire-Lise Plet-Pernet


Lieutenant Claire-Lise Plet-Pernet

"My first experience on high seas was on a Dutch traditionally-rigged sailing vessel. This is when I decided that sailing would be my job. [...] Making sure the ship operates as it should while ensuring everyone's safety onboard: at sea, I am responsible for watch keeping, navigation and I take care of dynamic positioning; at berth I handle general service duties and monitoring of commercial operations.
People usually ask me: "How is life as a sailor?" I was then very surprised when the first question from my 3-year-old daughter when I went back to sea was: "Why?". It is very difficult to explain to a child that for some of us, this way of life can be a need..."


Thank you Claire-Lise PERNET for this inspiring interview!
Keep well and safe.

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