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8 October 2021



Louey JEDER, Administrator and IT Security Project Manager – LDA


1) Could you summarise your career path and present your current position? If you have evolved within LDA, could you please specify it?

Passionate about IT, I decided to attend a school specialized in IT and offering work-study training course in 2018. I then applied to LDA, hope and perseverance were my two allies. I was hired as a systems and networks technician apprentice. I had the chance to evolve during my 4 years of apprenticeship and endorse the role of Network and Database Systems Administrators then IT Security Project Manager. I have carried out numerous missions on the Group’s ships: in Dunkerque, Calais, Singapore, Poland, on the Canary Islands, in Turkey … Louis Dreyfus Armateurs allowed me to acquire a lot of skills such as technical, linguistic and project management. Today, I have the pleasure of joining the group on a permanent contract as Administrator and IT Security Project Manager.

2) What do you particularly like about your job?

I was fortunate to be able to work in the IT support for users, which allowed me to have direct contact with the various collaborators. I was also sometimes among the first people to welcome newcomers and participate in their integration into the company. What I like most about this job is the vast scope of IT, the constant evolution of IT technologies and the maritime world, which is a field that I really liked for its greatness and diversity. Over the past few years, I have been able to participate in the development of several projects on board ships, in particular the implementation of the IT infrastructure of SOV, Wind Of Change, Wind of Hope ships and securing the systems of information on the entire fleet.

3) About your job: would you have an anecdote or an important fact to share?

Most of the time we operate remotely, but it’s really once you’re on board that you understand the needs and our responsibility within the company. I have, on several occasions, put on the work outfit, the helmet and the gloves, and been able to put myself in the same working conditions as the sailors while doing my job as a computer scientist. It is really a chance to be able to participate and especially to witness the various operations of the ships from the front row.


4) What is your motto ?

We all help steer the rudder !