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Junaid SM

1 September 2022

Junaid SM


Junaid SM ,  Officier d’équipage – LDPL

1) Could you summarize your career and present your current position? Could you please specify if you have evolved within the Louis Dreyfus Armateurs group?

I have always been passionate about ships even though I was a MBA graduate in HR & Marketing. But that did not stop me from gripping off my passion. After going through a few administrative roles in India and KSA, in 2018 I started my career in the marine industry as a crewing assistant. Truly, hard work pays off, I then started my career within LDPL in March 2021 as a crewing officer. Now, it’s such an honour for me to be here.

2) What do you like the most about your job?

To be honest, working in a crewing department is very challenging and exciting. But, if someone asks me now, I’ll say, crewing is the job which I like the most in my career. I sincerely enjoy every function of crewing and appreciate dealing with the crews by providing services, advice, support and so on.

Besides, it is obvious that LDPL has one of the finest working environment. I wish to grow more and more.

3) About your job: would you have a significant story or event to share?

As the first wave of covid hit the whole world, some of my vessels at my ex-employer were badly affected when they were in the company owned port. Three of them, containing 36 crew members (12*3) were tested positive. They totally panicked and it went chaotic. The government authorities had asked us to find a place for their quarantine. We checked for all possibilities but even hotels weren’t ready to accommodate a colossal number of crew members.

The QHSE coordinator & I took the initiative to take the lead. We arranged their quarantine on the vessel itself. It was a tough time.  I had to motivate the crews, to encourage them and support them by providing medicines and giving them exercices to keep their body fit followed by periodical tests and so on. It took one and half month for them to be tested negative.

It was a great experience for me and I received a lot of appreciation from the crews. Accomplishing this task successfully was truly a challenge but when you have a strong determination, you somehow make it.

4) What is your motto?

Live happily and make others so. Be the kind and loving person that you are, and your footprints will forever be cherished.