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Chahinez BENMEDAKHENE – Project Manager

8 March 2024

Chahinez BENMEDAKHENE – Project Manager


1) What has been your career path so far?

After completing a degree in computer science in Algiers, I joined the University of Paris-Saclay for a master’s degree in MIAGE (Computer Science Methods Applied to Business Management), comprising two years of work experience, one of which was with LDA. Then I joined the group as a software project manager. My current role involves managing IT projects aimed at improving or implementing software or solutions for the company’s various departments.

2) Could you tell us more about your current role and missions?

 My role as software project manager involves supervising and coordinating IT projects within the company. This role encompasses leading teams, setting goals, allocating resources, and liaising with diverse stakeholders. My responsibilities extend to evaluating project needs, crafting strategies, steering the development process, overseeing quality assurance, and executing software deployment. I also provide support assistance to internal users for existing software applications.

 3) What do you like the most in this job?

 What I particularly like about my job is the problem analysis phase. It allows me to work in a team, interact with my colleagues and find creative solutions to IT challenges. I also enjoy being able to see how the solutions we develop improve the company’s processes and efficiency.

 4) Could you list 3 must-have qualities for this job?

 The three qualities needed to do my job well are the ability to work in a team, technical skills as well as good communication skills. Collaboration is essential to complete successfully complex projects, technical skills are a requirement to design effective solutions while communication is crucial to coordinate teams and interact with stakeholders.

 5) What does the new LDA tagline, We sail for the next generation, inspires to you?

 “We sail for the next generation” is an inspiring tagline that reflects the LDA Group’s commitment to a sustainable future. It refers to the idea that our actions have an impact on future generations, and it resonates with my vision of a world where IT can contribute to sustainable solutions.

 6) Family, Driving, Pioneering or Teams pirit: which one of LDA values seems to be yours? Why?

 As part of the LDA Group’s values, the one that suits me better is “Team Spirit”. I value teamwork, collaboration, and discussions with my colleagues to achieve our common goals. This is what drives me every day.

 7) If you could give some advice to a woman wishing to pursue her career in the maritime industry, what would it be?

 My advice to those who would like to start a career in the maritime world would be: “Be bold and determined. Don’t be afraid to take on challenges and remember that diversity and inclusion are valuable assets for the maritime industry.”

 8) Whats is your motto?

My personal motto is quite simple, but powerful: keep smiling!