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21 July 2022



Ben Slimane ABDESSATTAR ,  Transshipment Vessel Captain- LDPL Middle East


1) Could you summarise your career path and present your current position?

I grew up on an island, the main activity was fishing and I come from a fisherman’s family.

In 1985, I graduated from the Naval Academy in Tunisia amongst the first promotion. I got a Master’s degree. I started navigating on board general cargo ships, chemical tankers and LPG carriers.

In 1990, I started working as a Master navigating all over the world, crossing most of all the seas, oceans and straits except for the Panama canal. I worked for different companies on board oil tankers, LPG tankers, RORO ships, tug boats, passenger vessels, fish carriers and offshore oil service vessels.

I currently hold the position of master of a transhipper vessel within LDPL in the Middle East. I am based in the port of Kamsar in Guinea. I still learn a lot and working on an offshore bulk carrier at LDPL has been a new challenge for me.

2) What do you particularly like about your job?

The job of a sailor is not suited for everyone, it is tough and impacts the sailor’s family and their offspring’s education. On my side I highly appreciate the role and support of my wife during my rotation at sea to handle all the family requirements.

To be successful, you must love your job. Travelling all over the world, discovering lands, waters, countries, civilization and people’s traditions is the privilege of the sailor.

3) About your job: would you have an anecdote or an important fact to share?

I have crossed the Bermuda Triangle twice and nothing happened. But once, on the Mediterranean Sea, as I was on board with my wife and my daughter who was 2 years old at the time, we got a blackout due to the bad weather conditions, wind 35 to 40 Kts and swell 4 to 5 m, we drifted for 36 hours and were eventually towed to a shipyard for repair.

4) What is your motto?

Learn new things every day and stay calm and confident as a manager.