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OSJ 2019 Renewables Award : And the winner is…

OSJ 2019 Award Renewables to LDA

15 February 2019

OSJ 2019 Renewables Award : And the winner is…


LOUIS DREYFUS ARMATEURS is the Winner of the OSJ 2019 Renewables Award!

Hervé LAPIERRE, Head of Newbuilding Department of our Group, received the Award on 6th February during the evening Gala organized in London by OSJ.

This Award is a new success for Louis Dreyfus Armateurs. It recognizes our innovation strategy in Renewables with our new Service Operation Vessel, WIND OF CHANGE, dedicated to the maintenance of offshore wind farms for our major Danish partner, Orsted.

Read more:,iosji-awards-showcase-innovators_56743.html

Copyright: Louis Dreyfus Armateurs

Photo credit: OSJ

From left to right: Tor Henning Vestbostad (Salt Ship Design), Hervé Lapierre (Louis Dreyfus Armateurs) and Sinan Kavala (Cemre shipyard).