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Louis Dreyfus Armateurs Group Steers into the Wind

Seawing on Airbus LDA

5 July 2019

Louis Dreyfus Armateurs Group Steers into the Wind

Press Release (English version only)

PARIS – July 04, 2019: The level of interest in using wind-assist and primary wind propulsion solutions in shipping is gaining momentum. The need to reduce fuel costs and future proof vessels in preparation for decarbonisation costs is growing and the embrace of technology solutions that can deliver double digit savings for retrofit installations and significantly higher savings for optimised new builds makes a lot of sense.

A growing number of first movers are engaging with wind technologies and the Louis Dreyfus Armateurs (LDA) Group is an innovative shipowner that certainly fits this mould. That commitment now sees the LDA Group becoming the latest member of the International Windship Association (IWSA) to help further the development of these primary renewable solutions.

LDA President, Edouard Louis-Dreyfus, states ‘we are very excited by the development of wind solutions as a key answer to the decarbonisation challenges we are facing today and it is only natural for us to join the International Windship Association in its drive to further develop these technologies.’

LDA Group owns, charters and operates over 100 vessels worldwide and has been searching for ways to significantly reduce emissions along with their customer Airbus. The positive results garnered from the testing of the Airseas kite system has led to the decision to have one permanently fitted on board the 21,500 ton MV Ville de Bordeaux from 2020 onwards, this RoRo cargo vessel is dedicated to the transport of Airbus parts around Europe. Also, in early 2019 LDA initiated the design of a large transoceanic RoRo vessel with full integration of wind assisted propulsion and plans to continue development work in this field.

‘We are delighted to welcome the Louis Dreyfus Armateurs group to the IWSA, LDA are a major player in the shipping industry with over 165 years experience and a really forward-thinking approach to decarbonisation.’ states Gavin Allwright, IWSA Secretary General. He adds; ‘Wind-assist and primary wind propulsion is increasingly being viewed as a credible, viable and economic option and we look forward to working with the LDA team to further the uptake of 21st century wind propulsion solutions for the commercial fleet.’

The International Windship Association is a member driven not-for-profit association with over 100 members and registered supporters worldwide and works with the industry, policy makers and regulators to further innovation, development and market uptake of wind propulsion for commercial shipping.

As the shipping industries attention increasingly turns towards decarbonisation, we are seeing the debate around alternative fuels grow and the challenge of bringing those to market. Wind assist and primary wind propulsion offers a way to significantly reduce the amount of power required by vessels on many routes, so we are likely to see more and more shipping companies looking at these technologies in the future.



Louis Dreyfus Armateurs Group

The LOUIS DREYFUS ARMATEURS Group (LDA) offers its clients and partners tailor-made industrial maritime solutions with high added value maritime activities and integrated services from ship design to maritime operations. LDA offers maritime transportation and services in
• Logistics and Transports (port management, transshipment & cargo handling, shallow water transportation, 4 PL Logistics, Forwarding activities and Logistics engineering.
• Dry Bulk Transportation.
• Industrial Marine Solutions (submarine cable laying and maintenance; power cable installation/protection in shallow waters; maintenance of wind turbines, ship management; submarine surveys; oil & gas.

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+33 1 7038 6117

The International Windship Association (IWSA): facilitates and promotes wind propulsion solutions for commercial shipping worldwide and brings together all parties in the development of a windship sector to shape industry and government attitudes and policies.

IWSA is a member driven, not-for-profit association made up of wind propulsion technology suppliers and ship development projects, designers, naval architects, engineers, academics, NGO’s and seafarers with five areas of activity:

Network – grouping like-minded organisations and individuals sharing ideas, skills, technical and market information for the development of commercial windships.
Promote – promoting the economic value of wind propulsion to the industry
Educate – acting as a central information hub for the wind propulsion sector, ship owners and operators, shipyards, ports, governments, equipment producers, the media, NGOs, and the wider public.
Incubate – securing funding streams, project collaboration, grant applications, research and the pooling of resources.
Facilitate – establishing common approaches/criteria for all stages of project development, support stakeholders, advise and lobby legislative bodies on policies, activities, funding and incentives required to retrofit existing ships and build new commercial windships.

Media Contact: Gavin Allwright /

Copyright: LDA/IWSA

Photo credit: ©Airbus / ©AgenceICOM