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Job testimonial – Orazio La Pira

LDPL Middle East Orazio La Pira

26 March 2021

Job testimonial – Orazio La Pira


"Nothing is impossible if we can work together as a team to achieve our goal."

"I got the opportunity to work with LDPL Middle East as an Offshore Installation Manager (OIM), who is the person in charge of all offshore transshipment operations in Kamsar.
It is a new role for me as I act as the middleman between onshore and offshore operations. It is exciting to me as it is a totally new challenge.
[...] I have been working with LDPL Middle East for almost 2 years now, and I appreciate the opportunity I was given as we continue together to achieve the company’s goals.
The 3 must-have qualities for this job? Passion, experience in transshipment and good attitude..."

Orazio La Pira, Master / Offshore Installation Manager at LDPL Middle East.

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Thank you very much Captain Orazio La Pira!