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Marine Industrial Solutions – A Motion Compensated Gangway Horizon ™

Marine Industrial Solutions – A First all-electric walk-to-work motion-compensated gangway, Horizon™

“Why don’t we equip our ships with an innovative Motion compensated Ganway?” 

Louis Dreyfus Armateurs favors an innovative gangway system which ensures safe access of technicians even in difficult sea operating conditions up to 30 m. This is an adjustable pedestral gangway with stairs or elevator inside. This innovative design is the world leader in safe motion compensated gangways and was developed by TTS Group.

The Horizon™ gangway has been designed around an all-electric architecture using proven technology configured in a novel way. Low weight, high performance, reduced emissions and reduced noise are the key design drivers of this development.

Technical details: up to 31 m height / max weight 8000 kg telescopic bridge

Gangway TTS LDA

innovation LDA TTS Orsted