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Logistics and Transport – FAZEL (Full Azimuthal Electrical Propulsion) Deck Carriers

Logistics and Transport – The 4th generation of FAZEL (Full Azimuthal Electrical) Deck Carriers

“Why don’t we design new generation and state-of-the-art DCS for our transhipment operations?”

Innovative Deck Carriers equipped with the FAZEL design system (4 azimuthal electrical thrusters). 100% Power Redundant propulsion system. Double-ended Vessels. Shallow water (about 4,0 m draft for 6,000 Mt DWT). High Manoeuvrability and Ultra Low Draft. LD Ports & Logistics has ordered 4 units for transshipment operations dedicated to a clean coal power plant in Dubai.

Technical details: About 100 m LOA / About 24,0 m Beam / 4,0 m draft / 6,000 Mt capacity

Fazel 3D Drawing LDPL