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Dry Bulk – Handysize B Delta.37 Design

Dry Bulk – Handysize Design B Delta.37

“What about a revolutionary design for our new handysize bulkcarrier fleet?”

Thus begins the story of our ten Handysize bulk carriers B.Delta.37 who are equipped with this innovative design developed by Deltamarin and Louis Dreyfus Armateurs teams.

Main particulars

  • The Innovative design of the hull helps reducing fuel consumption by 10 to 15% compared to other existing vessels limiting ecological impact;
  • Energy efficiency (EEDI) : better than the applicable internatinal regulations by about 27,8% for this new-generation Handysize fleet;
  • A pre-swirl stator composed of 2 fins before the propeller and a rudder bulb after the propeller, specially designed by Deltamarin;
  • Reliability of the Oily Water Separator;
  • Ballast Water treatment Plant;
  • Fast Recovery System (FOR)
  • Louis Dreyfus Armateurs has ordered the first four global units of this range in 2011 operated today by our subsidiary LD BULK.

Technical details

180 m length / 30 m width / 10.70 m draft / 40,000 T DWT / 4x30t grab fitted

Innovation - Handysize Bulk carrier LD Bulk

Innovation - Handysize La Solognais Aerial dry bulk

Innovation -Handysize La-Solognais LD Bulk