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LD SeaNovation

LDA, an ocean of innovation!

INNOVATION is one of the values ​​of the Louis Dreyfus Armateurs Group. Have you ever wondered what was the common thread between the ecodesign of our handysize ships, the technical specifics of LDPL barges and the characteristics of the 'Wind Of Change'? It was the tremendous innovation capacity of the LDA teams!

Innovation has always been at the heart of LOUIS DREYFUS ARMATEURS vision and is the real driving force behind its growth. Our teams have been striving to improve our fleet and equipment by constantly seeking to innovate and make major technical breakthroughs.



As early as 1937, the LOUIS DREYFUS company stood out in the dry bulk shipping industry when it launched the only diesel cargo ships of the French merchant navy during the pre-war period. In 1957, it transformed the world of cargo by launching a series of “rear-end” ships which combined transportation of heavy goods and cars, bound for the Canadian Great Lakes. Several years later, LD continued to innovate with the launch of the first double–hulled capsize ships, ecotype hulls, etc.

This knack for innovation was clearly displayed in the field of industrial solutions when we created a modern oceanographic research fleet in 1991. This was followed by our emblematic partnership with ALCATEL for which our teams designed, developed and built three major cable ships – which are still a worldwide reference, almost 20 years on. The Airbus adventure is also one such case where LDA displayed with vigour its capabilities to innovate and adapt to its customer’s needs.

These multiple innovations have allowed LDA, throughout its history, to take decisive and significant steps for further growth. 

Considering this, we felt the need to strengthen our capacity for innovation to make it even more dynamic and decided to create LD SeaNovation, an in-house laboratory entirely dedicated to innovation.

LD SeaNovation will be a transversal tool for all our businesses:

It will be both a project department and a place where experts and professionals in our businesses can meet and share. Close to our business units, this new service will be responsible for anticipating the technical evolutions of our markets and to meet customer expectations designing the new solutions.
These major innovations and ideas will have to allow our commercial teams to be one step ahead to make their commercial offers unique and specific.