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Partnerships with Industrial Players

From our first bulk cargo transported over 165 years ago till today we are dedicated to our core business Dry Bulk Transportation. Across all our segments, tens of millions of tons of bulk commodities are transported around the world by more than 100 vessels owned, managed or chartered each year. Our fleet of owned, controlled and chartered vessels includes PANAMAX vessels...

We offer a wide range of services from newbuildings to commercial and technical management and vessel trading to better meet market needs across our segments. Our fleet of owned, controlled and chartered vessels ranges from Handysize vessels to Supramax and Panamax  vessels.


Panamax fleet

We offer our global recognized experience in dry bulk transportation. The diversity of our bulk carrier fleet allows us to offer tailor-made services to our customers in compliance with environmental standards and specificities of the global market.


LD BULK offers:

  • A variety of vessel sizes and services allowing us to meet the different challenges of the major industries;
  • Long Term Cargo Contracts – some spanning more than 25 years;
  • Commitment to fulfilling our clients needs;
  • Our Panamax vessels can carry up to 84,000 metric tons of dry bulk;
  • Our historical experience linked to our client network and long-term charter contracts.



+ 33 1 70 38 62 20 (France)  / +65 6576 6899 (Singapore)

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Panamax Lake Dawn in the Fleet


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