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Pedro MOBILIO DE LIMA – Superintendent – Projetcs

1 July 2024

Pedro MOBILIO DE LIMA – Superintendent – Projetcs


1) What has been your career path so far?

My name is Pedro Lima and I am currently Superintendent Projects in the Technical Department of Louis Dreyfus Armateurs. I’ve already had the opportunity to talk about my experience at my beginnings in LDA, and I’m delighted to be doing so again – actually I’ve come a long way since then! 

As a reminder, I joined the Group in January 2019, as an intern in the MID “Marine Industrial Division” as part of my Masters specialising in Renewable Marine Energies. Next to my internship, I joined the EPI department as a Project Engineer, dealing with preliminary engineering projects for the fleet. 

In April 2021, I started working on cable vessels conversion projects. The same year, in November I left for Poland (Gdansk) to follow the conversion of the Île d’Yeu from the field, until the end of the project in February 2023. Even in my professional dreams, I never imagined that I would learn so much from the teams. They have been extremely supportive during this project which dealt with huge technical challenges.

At the end of the project, I went aboard the Île d’Yeu to follow up its transit from Gdansk to Dunkerk. At my back to the office, after a well-deserved holiday, I joined the technical department as Superintendent Projects. Recently I had the honour of taking on the superintendence of a ship in addition to my activities.

2) Could you tell us more about your current role and missions?

My current role is to monitor specific projects involving the mobilisation of equipment, technical shutdowns or the monitoring of technical developments. To make sure that everything goes smoothly, we have to ensure the safety of our activities, manage the interfaces between on-board, suppliers and customers, and anticipate all the constraints and surprises that lie ahead.

 3) What do you like the most in this job?

On land, as a ‘beginner’ in my current position, I’m lucky enough to be part of an extremely competent team, which brings me new concepts, new problems and new solutions every day. And some great stories also!

From the sea side, I was able to be in contact with the crew during the IYU conversion project. This hands-on experience enabled me to learn a lot about the technical side of things, and to witness the tenacity of the sailing teams when they come up against a problem (and there is a lot!). I’m always delighted to see members of the crew at head office or on board again, to discuss our challenges and remind the good memories we have in common, which I’ll never forget. 

Recently, we’ve had the opportunity to receive people seconded ashore from the technical department to help us with plough mobilisation projects. This undeniably smoothes the interface and collaboration between ship and shore.

 4) Could you list 3 must-have qualities for this job?

Be resilient, capable to listen to colleagues and be curious.

 5) What does the new LDA tagline, We sail for the next generation, inspires to you?

To me, this tagline means that LDA is committed to innovative approaches, especially thanks to the diversity and ambition of its Business Units. LDA takes into account the safety of our teams, the challenges of the maritime industry and the environmental challenges involved in our present and future generations.

 6) Family, Driving, Pioneering or Teams pirit: which one of LDA values seems to be yours? Why?

All of them are important, but I would choose ‘Team Spirit’. I could give the IYU Conversion as an example: the ship was supposed to be scrapped by its previous owner, but thanks to our team, it was able to set sail again after a year and a half of work. And it will be sailing soon around the world! As we hear in the corridors, ‘everything is possible’ with the teams we have.

 7) If you could give some advice to pursue its career in the maritime industry, what would it be?

Personally, I joined the maritime industry after my first work placement in 2014, and I’ve never left. It’s a world I’m passionate about, where there’s a lot of collaboration, challenges and exceptional people, rich in experience and always ready to listen. Needless to say, I want to continue my career here!

A word of advice: stay tuned to innovations in this learning and innovative environment. And if you choose to take part in the maritime world, it should be from LDA!

 8) Whats is your motto?

Greetings and smiles are free: share them!