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COVID‐19: the health and safety of our colleagues are our priority

Cable ship ASN LDA Ile d'Aix Augustin Vandenhove

16 September 2020

COVID‐19: the health and safety of our colleagues are our priority

For several months now, the world has been dealing with a major challenge. The Covid‐19 pandemic keeps spreading, with more than 29 million infected people worldwide.

In these trying circumstances, the Louis Dreyfus Armateurs Group and all its subsidiaries around the world remain committed to protecting the health and safety of all.

Our mission and responsibility towards our sedentary and seagoing personnel lead us to ensure that working conditions both on land and at sea comply with the health recommendations made by local authorities. All of the Group's efforts are committed to this end. Through continuous risk assessment, the Group has implemented several exceptional measures.

-- Concrete actions:
o creation of a Covid‐19 crisis unit, which meets regularly and is available 24/7 ;
o appointment of an internal Covid‐19 contact person ;
o medical advice from a referring physician to inform and support our decisions ;
o Regular employee‐management committee meetings ;

-- A permanent watch on the evolution of health measures set by the other countries and the World Health Organization.

-- The implementation of health protocols strictly enforced on board ships and on all company sites.

-- Regular contact with all of our clients, partners, subcontractors, agents, etc., to anticipate and better manage interactions with sites and ships.

-- Advance supply of all necessary equipment (face masks, sterilising equipment, nebulisers, etc.).

-- Daily endeavour, despite the difficulties, to facilitate crew changes in the best possible conditions.

Despite  all  the  measures  taken  since  the  pandemic  started,  some  employees  of  the  Louis  Dreyfus  Armateurs Group have tested positive. We took immediate action – giving particular attention to our ships, as very specific environments ‐ to avoid further spreading and keep control over each of these situations. All necessary measures have been taken, and continue to be, to contain any outbreak, to care for affected employees and make sure our entire personnel stays in good health.

We remain firmly committed to all of you, sedentary and seagoing colleagues, and will keep guiding, informing and reassuring you, while dispelling any doubts you may have. We will face together the next challenges and, joining forces with our partners, we will manage to get through this unprecedented crisis.

We take pride in knowing that all of the Group's employees have been acting responsibly during this crisis, as an evidence of this strong commitment. We thank you all for your dedication and efforts.

The Executive Committe


Photo credit: Augustin Vandenhove