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Rayane Kerri

20 November 2020

Rayane Kerri


Rayane Kerri, Seafarer


1/ What has been your career path so far?

In 2014, I joined a maritime high school in Paimpol (France) to take a Maritime Business Operation and Management training. After graduation, I started to work on ferries as a seaman. I joined the Louis Dreyfus Armateurs Group as a seafarer in early 2019.


2/ Could you tell us more about your current role / your missions?

I handle various tasks such as maintenance work, supervision of arrivals / departures on the maneuvering range, bridge watchkeeping, as well as various rounds to ensure the safety of the vessel. These tasks are obviously carried out under the supervision of the boatswain and officers.


3/ What do you like the most in this job?

I like having the opportunity to discover many different places while meeting a lot of people. This is one of the best things about being a seafarer.


4/ Could you name 3 must-have qualities for this job?

Self-sufficiency, discipline and self-confidence.


5/ Any anecdote or major fact you would like to share about your job?

I think the most memorable day I had was when I took for the first time the helm of a 180-meter-long vessel with 1,300 passengers and 500 vehicles on board. This first time was really stressful!


6/ Are you a land or sea person?

A sea person, because of all the extraordinary things we get to see when sailing - sunrises, sunsets, marine animals, wild coastal landscapes…
Air quality at sea is much more pleasant, especially during long voyages around the world. Breathing clean air like this reflects the very natural aspect of our oceans.


7/ What are your hobbies and interests?

I enjoy sea trips, aeronautics and politics.


8/ What is your motto?

Working hard is not enough, you must also work smart.


Thank you very much Rayane for your inspiring testimonial !