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10 February 2022



Lucie MARRON , Documentalist in the Engineering, Projects, Innovation (EPI) department- LDA


1) Could you tell us about your education? And what motivated your choice of studies?

I attended several conferences given by oceanographers during the Fête de la Science in Paris, my hometown. It made me want to study the ocean after my scientific baccalaureate (highschool graduation). I followed the training of marine environmental engineering technician at INTECHMER, then I continued my studies in marine ecology, up to a master degree. During my studies, I interned within the research institutions of the University of La Rochelle, the University of Bordeaux, Ifremer and the Institute of Research for Development.

I also volunteered as a guide in the Bay of the Somme and in nature reserves in Gironde, Vendée and Loire Atlantique.

2) Could you summarize your career path and present your current position?

The job market in marine ecology research being very limited, I converted to information-documentation management.

I joined LDA a little over a year ago, in the Engineering, Projects, Innovation (EPI) department as a Documentalist. I manage the department's regulatory and quality documentation - filing, formatting, subscriptions, updates -, participate in the monitoring and reading of innovative subjects, and feed the intranet section dedicated to EPI. Moreover, I am part of the cross-functional team that is preparing the company's environment week in June.

3) What do you particularly appreciate in your job?

Learning and discovering a new sector such as the maritime transport.

4) About your job: would you have an anecdote or an outstanding fact to share?

During the internship at Ifremer in Brest, I embarked on the scientific vessel "La Thalassa" for a month for the PELGAS 15 fisheries campaign to determine the stocks of anchovies and sardines in the Bay of Biscay. I was in the team that identified and counted the fish eggs.

As a Fisheries Observer at the Oceanic Developpement research office, I embarked on coastal trawlers for the scientific program OBSMER of Ifremer. I took notes of the data on the fish caught and discarded: species, weight, size, number.

These two experiences allowed me to fulfill my dream of scientific adventures at sea.

5)  In the context of the Women in Science Day, do you have a message that you would like to pass on?

To overcome the fears that can self-censor us and to be ready to take a roundabout way. There is not only one possible way to live your passions, but several.