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Claire-Lise Plet-Pernet

7 August 2020

Claire-Lise Plet-Pernet


Lieutenant Claire-Lise Plet-Pernet

1 / What has been your career path so far?

I joined the “Hydro” school (French Maritime Academy) on the day of my 18th birthday.  My first sailing experiences, for several French companies, were on tankers.

I took a break from my maritime career to look after my family and worked during this period as a Technical Support Manager. I set out to sea again later on and I am now working as a lieutenant for Louis Dreyfus Armateurs.

2 / What was your first experience at sea?

My father had a small sailboat and coastal sailing was one of our family activities during the holidays. My first experience on high seas was on a Dutch traditionally-rigged sailing vessel. This is when I decided that sailing would be my job. 


3 / What motivated you to join the LDA Group?

I wanted to sail again and LDA was looking for a lieutenant.


4 / What is your job about?

Making sure the ship operates as it should while ensuring everyone's safety onboard: at sea, I am responsible for watch keeping, navigation and I take care of dynamic positioning; at berth I handle general service duties and monitoring of commercial operations. I must also be ready to face any types of emergency.


5 / Do you have any significant fact or anecdote to share about your job?

There is so much to say! This lifestyle is very intense. 

People usually ask me: "How is life as a sailor?" I was then very surprised when the first question from my 3-year-old daughter when I went back to sea was: "Why?"

It is very difficult to explain to a child that for some of us, this way of life can be a need. I ended up writing down a tale about two turtles to try and make her understand and it seems it has worked.


6 / What are your other passions?

My family! When asked what I do for a living, I say that I am a part-time housewife.


Thank you Claire-Lise!