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Jacob Housley

5 February 2021

Jacob Housley


Jacob Housley, Port Manager at LDPL Middle East


1/ What has been your career path so far?

As a dedicated enthusiast of Port and Logistics Management, I have continually strived to improve my knowledge and skill sets by stepping outside my comfort zone at every opportunity, whilst studying to maintain best practices. This has led to gaining broad experience in countries such as Australia, Singapore and U.A.E., with leading dynamic teams in many different settings including port management, port service provider, port regulator, bulk export-shipping terminal, domestic/international shipping and logistics, and management of global supply chain portfolios for commodities and freight contracts.

2/ Could you tell us more about your current role / your missions?

In collaboration with the Senior Management team, my role is to define the port organization, personnel structure, port service provider requirements, and any need of materials, goods required for a proper and efficient port management and control.

3/ How did your position evolve in the Group?

I joined the team whilst the project was transitioning from commissioning to operational phase and when Covid-19 restrictions were imposed. The ability to adapt and provide support during challenging times was required. LDPL trust and empower team members to not only strive towards business excellence, but also provide the opportunities to achieve it.

4/ What do you like the most in this job?

The ability to assist the team to reach their full potential.

5/ Could you name 3 must-have qualities for this job?

Ability to develop mutually beneficial relationships, passion, and a continual Improvement mind set.

6/ Any anecdote or major fact you would like to share about your job?

We are operating and maintaining a greenfield project for the first coal-fuelled power plant within the U.A.E. This is a wonderful achievement for LDPL and I am extremely proud of this.

7/ Are you a land or sea person?

I am a maritime professional, comfortable both on sea and land. Being of Polynesian heritage, I am definitely a sea person.

8/ What are your hobbies and interests?

I love sports, keeping fit and healthy, and spending time with my family.

9/ What is your motto?

Treat everyone as you would like to be treated.