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Ibrahim Mbainmoun

15 June 2020

Ibrahim Mbainmoun



1 / What has been your career path so far?

I studied electrical engineering and then started a degree in computer science. However, I felf for more "practice" and action. I was very curious about the wind turbines that I could see from far away. I did some research on the job of wind technician, and there was indeed a training as a "wind maintenance technician" at Greta 21 in Dijon (France). I then applied and had interviews with the training instructors who quickly understood that I was really motivated. My application was then accepted.


2/ What is your job about? How did your position evolve in the company?

I started working for OPENR in 2015 as a maintenance technician and auditor. After a few years of experience and opportunities that occured during my career, I am now in charge of the maintenance department and also a works-at-height instructor.


3/ What do you like most about your job? What are the 3 essential qualities to do your job?

As an instructor, I do appreciate sharing and transmitting knowledge. Every day I learn from the various interns that I meet, which allows me to be constantly evolving.
As a maintenance manager, I do appreciate above all the team spirit that we feel  working at OPENR. When we work in a wind turbine nacelle at 100 m high, the safety and the team spirit take on their full meaning. Indeed, no matter what level of technical knowledge you have,  your life can only depend on your teammate if you have the slightest concern for security.

The essential qualities for this job are safety, curiosity and team spirit!


4/ Do you have any significant fact or anecdote to share about your job?

I would say: my first day of work in a wind turbine! I was finally going to work in this huge machine which I was really curious about. I was going "in the heart of the matter" with plenty of action and technique. It makes my dreams a reality!


Thank you Ibrahim!