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23 September 2021



Emma BELMAIN, Planning Coordinator - LDA


1) Could you summarise your career path and present your current position? If you have evolved within LDA, could you please specify it?

Former trilingual assistant manager, it is on LinkedIn that I discovered the Louis Dreyfus Armateurs (LDA) group and its universe. The adventure began for me in September 2018  within the Louis Dreyfus Seaplane (LD Seaplane) team. I am responsible for planning the transportation of oversized sections of Airbus planes via barges, trucks as well as on our LDA ships. I also participate to the update of our quality documentary system.

2) What do you particularly like about your job?

No day is alike at LD Seaplane. Every day, you must manage emergencies and hazards in coping with the various traffic streams around the world, it's very stimulating. Emergencies also mean new situations to adapt to - I feel like I'm learning every week. My job also allows me to be in daily contact with people from all over the world, each of whom performs completely different functions, I love it! Finally, what I particularly appreciate is my team, which is like a second family. We are very close and we support each other in our missions, always in a good mood.

3) About your job: would you have an anecdote or an important fact to share?

My job has allowed me to observe the handling of huge fuselage parts on trucks or ships. Some of them were impressive, you wouldn't imagine parts of A380 or Beluga XL could fit on a trailer or a mafi (a type of harbor trailer)! I also visited various Airbus assembly plants and had the honor of boarding on a Beluga XL as well as an Antonov. These are great memories.

4) What is your motto ?

"Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill