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Edouard Chamorel

17 July 2020

Edouard Chamorel


Edouard Chamorel, Manager Chartering Department


1- What has been your career path so far?

I completed a Bachelor at HEC Lausanne then a Masters Degree in Maritime Economics and Logistics at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. I started at LD BULK in Suresnes (France) at the Research and Analysis Dept. for about 6 months before joining the Operations Dept. I then moved to Singapore office in Feb 2018 to join the newly opened Handysize / Supramax desk and then the Chartering Dept.


2- What was your first experience with shipping?

LDA was my first experience in Shipping starting at the analysis Dept. with Franck Tirard for an interesting 3-month internship. My Master's thesis was to design a model to anticipate the movements of Capesize rates compared to Panamax rates. This is a quite complex system confirming that it is impossible to anticipate accurately  the rates with sufficient correlation of one size of vessel compared to the other. This truly challenging experience definitely confirmed my interest in shipping.


3- Why Louis Dreyfus Armateurs Group?

I am fond of dry bulk sector which brings up at the same time Economy, Law and International Trade. LDA has allowed me to get into this world. As an intern, being involved in professional discussions, analysis and decisions alongside Franck and Emmanuel Zajac has driven me to a true learning and motivated me to start my career within LDA Group.


4- What is your job about?

I work with Kevin Le Gall at the Chartering Dept. in Singapore. I have to charter vessels ranging from Handysize (around 30-38,000 deadweight) to Supra/Ultramax (around 58-63,000 deadweight) for the Pacific and Indian Oceans under the management of Christopher Cheng. A large part of  my daily work is to collect and to analyse market information from many possible sources truly useful to get ​current and future rates.  My job also consists of developing the relationships of the group with new clients by regularly rating new short and long-term contracts of affreightment for future cargoes in the Pacific. Every day is different; everything is negotiable, and all negotiations are unique. This daily environment makes the job interesting and really exciting!


5- Do you have any significant fact or anecdote to share about your job?

Culture differences also matter in this job! I remember my first fixture for a Greek ship: the broker was more than puzzled as I declined the final proposal. Later on, I discovered that the broker was doing his first fixture as well.


6- What are your other passions?

Singapore allows me to discover Southeast Asia as well as scuba diving! It replaces in my heart and my mind the Swiss mountains and winter ski practising that I particularly appreciated a few years ago before moving to Singapore.


Thank you Edouard !