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Bulk carrier fleet from 172,000 to 180,000 dwt

From our first bulk cargo transported over 165 years ago till today we are dedicated to our core business Dry Bulk Transportation. Across all our segments, tens of millions of tons of bulk commodities are transported around the world by more than 100 vessels owned, managed or chartered each year. Our fleet of owned, controlled and chartered vessels includes CAPESIZE vessels...

We offer a wide range of services from newbuildings to commercial and technical management and vessel trading to better meet market needs across our segments. Our fleet of owned, controlled and chartered vessels ranges from Handysize vessels to Supramax, Panamax and Capesize vessels.

Capesize fleet

Dry bulk transportation is our core business. Tens of millions of tons of coal, iron ore and concentrates are regularly transported around the world each year.

In order to meet the demands of our customers with reactivity and efficiency, our Group offers:

  • A fleet of Capesize bulk carriers adapted to the global transport of large volumes up to 180,000 dwt;
  • Modern Capesize ships delivered in 2014. With a length of 292 m, a width of 45 m and a draft of 18.3 m, our ships are designed to reach a 14.5-knot speed;
  • Innovative Capesize vessels with a new design, studied by LDA and the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC) Group’s design office, parent company of Tianjin Shipyards;
  • Our commitment to the environment: the new design of our Capesize ships allows to reduce fuel consumption by 7 to 8 tons per day (57/58 tons daily compared to 65 for the current Capesize), with savings of about 2000 tons/year;
  • Leveraging on our Group’s research team, we have a proven track record in optimizing trades by studying vessel and cargo movements, seasonality, volatility, and trade flows.


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Capesize vessels


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