In the 1990’s, LOUIS DREYFUS ARMATEURS Group engaged into seismic research in providing converted vessels to a major actor of the industry – CGG. Originally specialised in seismic research ashore, French company CGG decided to expand its seismic operations offshore.

The partnership between the two companies took the form of a joint-venture created in 1997 under the name of GEOMAR when it  was decided to design and build a state-of-the-art seismic research vessel.

Seismic ships are specifically designed to tow up to 16 hydrophone lines. Data collected by these vessels are used by oil and gas companies for prospecting purposes and to run active offshore field operations.To increase data treatment efficiency, our vessels offer accommodation onboard for up to 30 seismic engineers.

The common adventure has continued in 2013 until 2016, with a new equally owned joint-venture, reflecting the common know-how and vision of LOUIS DREYFUS ARMATEURS and CGG to combine their seismic and maritime expertise and experience in order to align QHSE systems and streamline communication.


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