The LOUIS DREYFUS ARMATEURS company was originally the maritime branch of the LOUIS DREYFUS Group, a French family group founded in 1851 by Leopold Louis Dreyfus.

For more than 160 years, LOUIS DREYFUS ARMATEURS has been wholly owned by French shareholders. Its headquarters is based in France and the whole of its worldwide activities is consolidated. 

The company has acquired today a great expertise in many areas, from the traditional bulk transportation to industrial services and logistics.

LOUIS DREYFUS ARMATEURS also made the bet, 15 years ago, to focus on the excellence of the French flag and the development of a French high-tech fleet of industrial services ships (cable-laying and seismic vessels, heavy-lift and specialised cargoes...). The company has become in France one of the major employers of French officers, with a steadily increasing workforce and is also the largest provider of time at sea for students of the Merchant Navy.

LOUIS DREYFUS ARMATEURS Group has become a major actor of the international maritime transportation industry.



Headquarters : "Les Ecluses" Building

21 Quai Gallieni

92158 Suresnes Cedex - FRANCE

T. +33 (0)1 70 38 60 00

F. +33 (0)1 70 79 15 02