Charte Bleue

"Charte Bleue" by Armateurs de France, for responsible transport and maritime services.

European Community Shipowners' Associations

ECSA's aim is to promote the interests of European shipping so that the industry can best serve European and international trade and commerce in a competitive free enterprise environment...

Bureau Veritas

A global leader in conformity assessment and certification.

Armateurs de France

France Shipowners'Association is the professional organisation of French shipping companies and maritime services.

Baltic & International Maritime Council

Association of maritime transporters representing 65% of woldwide trade tonnage, and shipowners from 120 countries. Its main objective is to promote the development of international regulation instruments in the shipping industry.

Cluster Maritime Fran├žais

Association regrouping over 120 companies and professional federations of the French maritime industry.

International Maritime Organisation

UN organisation regrouping 173 states aiming at bettering collaboration between its members, adopting safety norms and preventing pollution in the maritime environment.

European Maritime Safety Agency

Based in Lisbon, the EMSA provides the EU and its members a technical assistance in the elaboration and application of European legislation regarding maritime security and safety, as well as pollution caused by ships