Founded in 1977 in Marseilles, the company TravOcean was bought in 1998 by the LOUIS DREYFUS ARMATEURS Group for its expertise and know-how in the field of submarine installations, thus becoming LD TravOcean (renamed LOUIS DREYFUS TRAVOCEAN in 2012). Over the years, our  subsidiary acquired a unique French expertise in the fields of submarine cable installation and protection, covering all types of seabed (from very soft to very hard), in shallow waters as well as all cable types (fibre optic, electric cables or umbilical cables for the offshore oil and gas industries).


LOUIS DREYFUS TRAVOCEAN also proposes all inclusive installations throughout the world, comprising of factory-to-site cable transportation, the mobilisation of ships or installation barges, the cable laying and burial, and the installation of an additional protection according to the needs.

In its French workshops, LOUIS DREYFUS TRAVOCEAN conceives, develops and builds the necessary equipment for burial operations: trenchers, vibrating ploughs or high pressured jetting ploughs, unearthing tracks and remotely operated vehicles. This equipment is also exported.

The accrued French know-how and acknowledged expertise allow the company to diversify these last few years into the field of Renewable Marine Energy (RME) with major interventions on largest offshore wind sites in EuropeWalney 1 & 2 (2010 and 2011), Ormonde off the English coast (2011), Thorntonbank in Belgium (2012) and Anholt in Denmark (2012 and 2013). And more recently in 2013, our subsidiary was involved on the London Array offshore wind farm which is the world's largest offshore wind farm, generating enough electricity to power nearly half a million homes.

LOUIS DREYFUS TRAVOCEAN also played a key role in the construction of tidal Paimpol-Bréhat in France (2012) for laying and burying of export cables.

Today LOUIS DREYFUS TRAVOCEAN is a major player in the field of renewable marine energies and invests all its experience into the development of ever more sophisticated tools.

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