LOUIS DREYFUS ARMATEURS Group has been offering creative shipping services for more than 100 years, mainly under French flag, and has a strong background in industrial projects. This ability to meet the specific needs of industrial customers has led us to engage in heavy and  specialised cargoes transportation.

In 2002, LOUIS DREYFUS ARMATEURS convinced AIRBUS Industries to adopt a maritime solution to transport the components of the A380. For this purpose, LDA and Norwegian LEIF HÖEGH formed a joint venture, named LD SEAPLANE (formerly FRET-CETAM), which commissioned in China Ville de Bordeaux, the first ship specialised in the transportation of A380 aircraft components. Built in Singapore, City of Hamburg and Ciudad de Cadiz followed closely in 2008 and 2009.

LD SEAPLANE’s objective is to manage the international and multimodal logistical planning of the European aircraft manufacturer by organising the maritime, fluvial and road transportation of the aircraft’s components (A380 and other aircraft families) between Airbus different sites in Europe and more recently in Tunisia and Morocco. LD SEAPLANE is a true maritime engineering specialist  which also collects additional cargoes to optimise the fleet's schedule and revenues.

We now wish to make our unparalleled maritime experience and expertise in heavy and specialised cargoes logistics also available to windfarm operators.

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