Laying and repairing fiber optic cables in water depth up to 8,000 meters is the mission of ALDA MARINE, a joint venture created in 2000 between LOUIS DREYFUS ARMATEURS and ALCATEL-LUCENT SUBMARINE NETWORKS (ASN), a division of the ALCATEL-LUCENT Group. This partnership stems from a common will to facilitate investments, develop and manage ships specialised in laying, burying and repairing telecom cables.

With a fleet of 7 units including the most advanced cable layers in the world, ALDA MARINE is the market leader. ALDA MARINE has contributed, among others, in the connection of the African continent to high speed Internet through projects such as WACS, ACE, EASsy, thus contributing to the economic and social development of Africa.

Communications by fiber optic cables are an essential issue for the development of emerging economies and remote regions. ALDA MARINE puts its expertise to serve digital connectivity, giving a secure broadband Internet access at the right cost to ever increasing  populations.

The importance of the digital economy also requires that efficient means are available for repair operations in case of failures. ALDA MARINE is proud to propose to its clients repair services with appropriate technical means.

Since 30th March 2015, Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks (ASN) has now full ownership of ALDA Marine and its fleet, while LDA remains ASN’s long term partner for cable ship management and fleet development. (Read press release)


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